The late Jawdat bin Abdullah Slik in 1918 began manufacturing Damascene jams, rahat lokum, chocolate, kaab-alghazal and sesame and it was handmade by himself and he worked on the manufacture of chocolate from plates imported from overseas that were dissolved and re-manufactured in the form of beads of different sizes. The industry began in a small Arabic home, in the neighborhood of the martyrs (Salhieh Shohada)

In 1979 my father Mohammed Haitham Slik made facility for the manufacturing of chocolate, Damascene Jams and Raha by providing the industry with modern machines especially for grinding chocolate and machines for the manufacture of fillings.

Work continued at this pace until 2003, then he decided to start a new advanced phase, he updated the facility and machinery to ensure better quality and here he decided to begin his journey in the field of industry, making it necessary to visit exhibitions held in Germany, such as ISM, France Exhibition in Seal and Dubai Gulf FOOD, and Lebanon on the latest developments in the chocolate industry.

Now we have more than 250 varieties of our products and my concern was to continue the industry without any mistakes and to maintain high international quality standards.

Talal Haitham Slik