Slik Chocolate

1892 Year

Everything has its culture and each culture has its heritage, and from Syria's culture emerges the heritage of Damascus with its old history and the most important historical landmarks, the steadfast fortress of Damascus and the Umayyad Mosque, which advocates for magnification and praise every day, and it extends the traditional old market Al Hamediyah, as the air in Damascus overflows with the smell of jasmine and beautiful roses and the Damascene bitter orange flowers. And all the delicious Syrian fruits that blossomed with all the good and generosity and are dried up by decent generous and skilled hands to keep up the old tradition of Syrian Industry over the years.

Slik chocolate was started in 1892 by the late Naseeb Slik, the older brother of Jawdat Slik, and then the industry was completed by the late Jawdat Slik in 1918 who gave its product this beautiful picture of the industry of Damascene tradition and that lead to the achievement of the first degree certificates and medals in Lebanon in 1936 and in Syria in 1951 ... He began this industry alone in a very small place and then moved it into an Arabic house and has developed the industry with the change of the place, and since then until this day is proud of the industry, which was followed by the sons of Jawdat Slik: Mohammed Ghassan Slik. Mohammed Haitham Slik. Mohammed Bashar Slik. Mohammed Bassam Slik. They completed this great course of quality and authenticity and it developed into a modern and sophisticated factory that became the industry to match global products found everywhere in the world.

Also the grandchildren followed this precious process and they were worthy successors to the great predecessor. So every corner of the Damascene houses is glorified by this name, which was made of gold and gave each concept a relationship and gave every taste high elegance and every name has leadership, and the name is Slik chocolate.